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What is Presearch coin (PRE) and how does it work?

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The Presearch project is a decentralized search engine built on the blockchain network that rewards users with their PRE Coin when they use the platform. Presearch project has a different system from Google, where users have to create their Google Adsense account and pay fiat money to advertise on the search engine. Detailed information on what is Presearch coin (PRE), how it works, how much it costs, how to buy it, on which exchanges it is available, etc. is in the continuation of the content. You can browse here for information about BOBA coin.

What is Presearch coin (PRE) and how does it work?

The main purpose of the Presearch (PRE) platform is to provide users with a secure network, decentralize the search ecosystem, and reward users who add value to the search system. The Presearch (PRE) project was founded by Colin Pape.

Founder Colin is also the founder and CEO of Shopcity.com, a community commerce platform that connects local businesses with their consumers online. Presearch team has achieved many goals such as reaching more than 2.3 million members and more than 1.7 million daily queries, issuing a reward system, launching a coin market, listing PRE coin on various crypto exchanges.

The Presearch project is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching their platform with a cryptocurrency called PRE coin. On this platform, it allows advertisers to deposit PRE coins on a keyword and offers the ad space to the advertiser who has deposited the highest number of coins.

How to buy Presearch coins? What exchanges is PRE coin available on?

Presearch coin is listed on crypto exchanges like KuCoin, HitBTC, ProBit Global, etc. The PRE token can be purchased from the listed cryptocurrency exchanges, but it is necessary to make sure that the exchange is “TRUSTED”.

What is the price of PRE coin?

As is known, prices in crypto money markets change instantly. At the time of content creation on December 24, 2021, the PRE token price is around $0.34 (price can change instantly).

Caution: The information contained in this content is for informational purposes only. It is not investment advice.

For information about crypto currency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

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