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What is Wootrade coin (WOO) and how does it work?

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Wootrade is a layered trading infrastructure complete with deep liquidity, front-end trading GUI and the ability to integrate with any exchange, trading desk, wallet, dApp or other trading related platform. Wootrade, or woo token, offers its investors and B2B customers the opportunity to trade with its superior liquidity, intuitive interface, revenue share and cloud interface. Detailed information about the what is Wootrade coin WOO and how does it work, how to buy it, what is the price, etc. can be found in the continuation of the article. You can browse here for information about Bytecoin (BCN).

What is Wootrade coin (WOO) and how does it work?

Wootrade, a trading infrastructure, provides retail traders and B2B clients with high-depth, zero-fee trading, taking advantage of discounts from high-volume institutional traders and market makers. Wootrade token, WOO coin, is a token used for:

  • WOO can be staked to access premium features and zero-fee trading.
  • Used as collateral for spot/futures on Wootrade.
  • It is collected by B2B clients to refer to their node status.
  • Used within a governance framework to collect vote points.
  • Institutional crypto platform Wootrade has raised $10 million in its investment round.

Wootrade launched its mainnet on October 30, 2020, with 3 billion WOO tokens created at the time of formation. 20 percent were sold in private sale with maturities between six months and two years. 20% is reserved for the team and qualifies between six months and four years. 5% is reserved for consultants and qualified for 4 years. 50% of the supply is reserved for ecosystem rewards.

How to buy Wootrade coins? What is the price of WOO coin?

Wootrade coin can be purchased on “trusted” cryptocurrency exchanges. As of August 10, 2021, the price of 1 WOO is around $ 0.75. As of this date, the circulating supply of Woo coins is 479,386,727. The total supply of Wootrade coins is 2,992,110,102.

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