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Most Popular GameFi Projects in August 2022

by Financial Economy

The world-famous GameFi news platform, which focuses on and publishes on the play-to-win crypto projects, announced the most popular GameFi projects as of August 2022. Axie Infinity took the first place in the list, which examines the popularity of Play to earn projects. Stepn took the second place and Thetan Arena took the third place. You can browse here for information of Axie Infinity (AXS) coin.

Most Popular GameFi Projects i n August 2022

In the list prepared by the GameFi content platform, the popularity of the projects on all social media was examined and taken as a criterion. While the first 3 projects in the list drew attention with over 1 million interactions, other projects were listed behind these P2E games. The list prepared by GameFi as of August 2022 is as follows:

Axie Infinity ($AXS) – With 2.78 million interactions across social media channels, Axie Infinity ranks first among GameFi projects.

STEPN ($GMT) – With 1.31 million interactions on social media, STEPN ranks second in this area.

Thetan Arena ($THG) – Another project with 1.31 million interactions is Thetan Arena.

Step Hero ($HERO) – Step Hero’s social media popularity was measured at 265.8k.

Titan Hunters ($TITA) – MMORPG genre P2E game project Titan Hunters is in fourth place with 78.3k social interactions.

Faraland ($FARA) – Faraland, a multiplayer RPG NFT on BSC, ranks fifth with 63.9k social media engagements.

Kryptomon ($KMON) – The lively NFT metaverse game where Pokémon meets Cryptokitties and Tamagotchi is ranked sixth with 50,000 social interactions.

MetaGear Game ($GEAR) – MetaGear, the first NFT and Metaverse-based Pixel wargame, ranks seventh with 47.6k social interactions.

Sin City Metaverse ($SIN) – aka SinVerse is at the 8th position of the list with 37.9 thousand social interactions.

ERTHA Game ($ERTHA) – Metaverse game ERTHA ranks 9th in the list among the most popular P2E games with 35 thousand social interactions.

Spider Tanks – Spider Tanks ranks 10th on the list with 35,000 social interactions.

In addition to these projects, popular productions with P2E crypto game are listed as follows:

  • Gala Games ($GALA)
  • Catecoin ($CATE)
  • Aspo World
  • Warena
  • My master war
  • Aavegotchi
  • GunStar
  • Gods Unchained
  • Dreams Quest NFT
  • DeFi Warrior Game
  • Play bithotel
  • Heroverse game
  • Placewar game
  • Monstersclan
  • Oly sport
  • Splinterlands
  • Orbitau
  • Mech Master
  • Project seed game
  • Bemil Game
  • Play Meta Gods
  • Planet Sandbox
  • Mytheria MYRA
  • Legend LFW
  • Galaxy sidus
  • Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)
  • DeRace NFT
  • Meta Spets Game
  • Drunk robots
  • Bullieverse
  • Polygonum
  • Legends Of Mitra
  • Chimeras Game

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