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What is S&P Who is the president of Standard & Poor’s

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Institutions that are responsible for auditing and analyzing whether a country, institution or person fulfills their financial obligations on time are called credit rating agencies. There are many international organizations that make these evaluations to measure credit risk. One of these organizations is Standard & Poor’s. Answers to questions such as What is S&P Who is the president of Standard & Poor’s are included in the rest of the article. Information about IMF, you can browse here.

What is S&P?

Standard & Poor’s is an international credit rating agency. S&P is headquartered in the USA and has offices in 26 countries. S&P informs decision makers on how to deal with problems in the financial markets. Standard & Poor’s, an impartial and independent company, measures the credibility of the borrower and its ability to pay its debt regularly and on time. As a result of these measurements, it gives a degree to the relevant institution. The foreign investor decides which country to invest in, based on the degree S&P gives to the relevant institution, country or person.

Who is Standard & Poor’s President? Who’s S&P? Standard and Poor’s Ratings

S&P was founded in 1860 by Henry Varnum Poor. S&P president is Deven Sharma. Standard & Poor’s is an institution whose decisions, grades, scores, benchmark indices are followed by investors in a global sense. S&P can be called a credit risk researcher. Countries with high rankings in Standard & Poor’s reports have a good economic situation and thus they are preferred by more investors. A high S&P score also means prestige. Within the S&P grade scale, AAA is the highest grade and D is the lowest grade. The institution gives points to the relevant country or organization according to its economy.

S&P official website: https://www.standardandpoors.com/en_US/web/guest/home

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