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EU signs corona vaccine contract with Sanofi and GSK

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EU signs corona vaccine contract with Sanofi and GSK. There is already an agreement with AstraZeneca. Now the EU Commission has also sealed the contract with the pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and GSK. It could secure up to 300 million corona vaccination doses for member states.

EU signs corona vaccine contract with Sanofi and GSK

The EU Commission has signed a second contract for the purchase of a future corona vaccine. The Brussels authority reached an agreement with the manufacturers Sanofi from France and Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK) from Great Britain on the delivery of up to 300 million units. Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said that in view of the increasing number of corona infections, an effective vaccine is more important than ever. The new treaty increases the chances that people in the EU and around the world will gradually be able to resume their daily lives.

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With the manufacturer AstraZeneca, the EU had already concluded a contract for up to 400 million vaccine doses in June and is planning more with other companies with promising vaccine candidates. However, none of these vaccines has yet been approved. The purchase agreements with prepayment are intended to accelerate the development and mass production of the vaccines.

According to the commission, the vaccine from Sanofi and GSK has been tested since September, and the decisive phase III study is to follow by the end of 2020. If there are no obstacles, manufacturers want the vaccine to be available in the second half of 2021, the commission said.

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The new contract stipulates that EU countries can buy up to 300 million doses if the vaccine is approved. In addition, states can donate units to poorer countries. Sanofi and GSK are also striving to deliver a significant portion of their vaccine to the international Covax initiative. This is to ensure that people worldwide have access to a future vaccine.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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