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Trump: Looks like I’m immune

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Trump: Looks like I’m immune. US President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News about the status of his corona disease: He feels fantastic and thinks he is now immune to the virus.

Trump: Looks like I’m immune

“It looks like I’m immune,” said US President Donald Trump, 74, on Sunday in a telephone interview with the news broadcaster Fox News, who was inclined to him, and translated: “It looks like I’m immune.” The perceived immunity was like a “protective shine” for him, said Trump, he felt fantastic and said that he would no longer take any medication. According to his own assessment, he is healthy. He passed the toughest tests and was in great shape.

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Trump said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. Because of an illness of Covid-19, he was sent to the Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington D.C. for three days from October 2nd. treated. Experts believe that people who have survived a corona infection can be immune to the virus. For how long, but it is still unclear.

A tweet by the US President in which he boasts that he is now supposedly “immune” was given a warning on Sunday by the social media platform Twitter. A Twitter spokeswoman told the Reuters agency that Trump’s message contained “misleading claims” about Covid-19 and would not be deleted, but, as usual in such cases, its visibility will be significantly restricted.

In the interview on Sunday, Trump again promoted Covid treatment with an experimental antibody cocktail from the biotech company Regeneron that was administered to him in the hospital. The drug is not a treatment method, but a “cure” and a “miracle” that should soon be available to everyone, said Trump.

The antibody treatments developed by several manufacturers have not yet been officially approved and will only be available in relatively small numbers for the foreseeable future. Critics suspect Trump is promoting the drug as a miracle weapon to use it to distract from his administration’s failure to contain the pandemic ahead of the November 3 presidential election.

According to Trump’s personal doctor, the US president is no longer contagious. The latest coronavirus test has shown according to “currently recognized standards” that Trump “no longer represents a transmission risk for others,” said medical doctor Sean Conley on Saturday evening in a letter distributed by the White House.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/

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