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Where Is Silver Mined Where Is It Used?

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Silver, which is found in many areas of life; It is frequently used in sectors such as dentistry, photography, mirror making, etc. Silver, which is one of the precious metals, is found especially in jewelry and household items with its eye-catching elegance. Silver is indicated by the Ag symbol on the Periodic Table and is in the heavy metals group. The places of use of this precious metal, its existence, date and so on. “Where Is Silver Mined Where Is Silver Used?” you can find it in our article. You can browse her for 20 Year Silver Chart and 2021 Silver Forecast.

Silver History Briefly!

Silver is solid, whitish and shiny in nature. Its icon is Ag. Although it has a history dating back centuries, the discovery of silver was still after gold and copper. It is known that the Egyptians used silver in 3100 BC, and the Chinese and Persians in 2500 BC. In the 800s BC, silver began to be used as a medium of exchange, and it is claimed that the first Romans began to process silver.

Where Is Silver Mined Where Is It Used?

In ancient times, silver was obtained from natural silver resources found on earth. Natural silver was found in nature in pure form or in alloy with metals such as gold, copper, mercury, etc. Machined silver ingots have been found during excavations in Colorado, Southern Peru and Norway. An eight-ton silver bullion was mined in Spain in the 1860s.

How Is Silver Made?

Silver, which is pure in nature or in mixture with some metals, is separated by various methods. The oldest of these is the mixing method with lead. Lead and pure silver or silver in mixture are melted together, and pure silver is easily separated from the obtained silver lead mixture. Another way of producing silver is the “amalgama” method, which is a method of treating silver with mercury. There is also another method of obtaining silver called “cyanate”.

How to Clean Silver Items?

Silver is a metal that is resistant to oxidation. Besides, silver items may still tarnish. The reason for blackening in silver products is hydrogen sulfide in the air and sulfur in some foods such as eggs. A purifying powder is used to remove this blackening. This method can explain in simple language as follows. Salt, washing soda and an aluminum container are placed in the water in an enameled container. The silverware to be cleaned is placed in this container, boiled for three minutes and rinsed with hot water. In this method, washing soda and salt act as electrolytes.

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